Engineering company steeped in tradition since 1863

In the beginning, the company focused on manufacturing tools and machine blades in its own production facility in Remscheid, Germany. The first bevel gear hobbing machine came in 1923, along with a minor revolution in the market – brought about by a cutter head that could be adjusted to a range of taper angles. This success didn’t come from nowhere: With over 200 granted patents to its name, the KLINGELNBERG Group has set international standards in its key areas – the development and production of machines for bevel gear and cylindrical gear processing, precision measuring centers for gearing and axially symmetrical components, and the production of high-precision drive components.

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KLINGELNBERG receives German Innovation Award


Klingelnberg wins "Best of Industry Award" in the "Measurement Technology" category for its “Complete Measurement in a Single Stage – Done-in-One” solution (Trade Journal MM Maschinenmarkt).


First presentation of the Oerlikon Bevel Gear Grinding Machine G 35 for the aviation industry at the EMO 2019 trade fair (Hanover)

Advancement of optical measuring technology with an up to 30 % measuring time reduction in cylindrical gear measurement


The company’s shares have been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange as of 20 June 2018.

Klingelnberg wins "Best of Industry Award" in the "Industry 4.0" category for its cyber-physical production System (Trade Journal MM Maschinenmarkt).

Klingelnberg named iF DESIGN AWARD 2018 winner for Höfler Cylindrical Gear Generating Grinding Machine Speed Viper and Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Center P 65.


First Introduction of the new Höfler Cylindrical Gear Grinding Machine Speed Viper at the exhibition EMO 2017 (Hanover, Germany) and Gear Expo 2017 (Columbus, USA): With this new development, Klingelnberg is celebrating a market premiere: new construction, a completely revised, ergonomically optimized design and with Gear Operator a newly developed operating concept focusing on a simple, innovative operating philosophy.

First introduction of the Precision Measuring Center P 16 G for "seamless" workpiece measurements at the Exhibition Control 2017, Stuttgart, Germany.


At the fourth annual Industry 4.0. convention, Klingelnberg was chosen by the trade journal Produktion and the consulting firm ROI Management Consulting AG to receive the eponymous award for its system in the "Integration of Design and Production" category at the end of November, 2016.


First introduction of the Precision Measuring Center P 16 at the Exhibition Control 2015, Stuttgart, Germany.


First presentation of Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 30 with intuitive operating concept with trend-setting touch technology and Gear Grinding Machine VIPER 500 for maximum flexibility in the grinding process at EMO Hanover, Germany.


Acquisition of core business Höfler Maschinenbau GmbH in Ettlingen, Germany.


Inauguration of new company headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.


Commissioning of the world's most modern production site for large bevel gears in Winterhagen/Hueckeswagen, Germany.


Presentation of crankshaft measuring on Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Centers series P.

Presentation of the Oerlikon Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 50 at EMO 2007 Hanover, Germany. Vertical concept for the production of spiral bevel gears used in trucks.


Presentation of the Oerlikon Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 29 as the first vertical high performance machine specially designed for dry cutting of spiral bevel gears.


P 26 - the first part of a new range of Precision Measuring Centers. Acquisition of 100% of shares of CM Digit, Ettlingen.

Klingelnberg goes into the 7th Generation. After a period of 35 years Mr. Diether Klingelnberg has officially transfered the responsibilities of the Klingelnberg Group and its employees to his son Jan Klingelnberg. This step will represent the handing-over of the organization to the 7th generation within the family. Diether Klingelnberg constantly extend the Klingelnberg Group in the past. The development of state of the art manufacturing technologies ensures a top position status within the field of system solutions incorporating the applications spiral bevel gear production, gear inspection technology and parallel axis gears.


Invention of a new range of Oerlikon Bevel Gear Grinding Machines G 27 / G 60 with vertical concept.


Complete range of dry cutting machines: Oerlikon C 27 - C 42 - C 60. First time market leader for bevel gear equipment.


ARCON® / SPIRON® cutting tools for dry cutting. Developement of the 3F blade grinding technology.


Presentation of the new generation of CNC-controlled universal hobbing machines, series C/U.


Presentation of the new generation of P-measuring machines for measuring all gearing-relevant workpieces and tools.


Invention of dry cutting process for bevel gears by introducing the C-Machine. Oerlikon C 28 Spiral bevel gear generating machine.


Acquisition of Zeiss-Industrielle-Meßtechnik (Höfler) in Ettlingen, Germany.


Takeover of Oerlikon Geartec AG - Zurich, Switzerland.


Joint Venture with Oerlikon, Switzerland. Invention of CNC-lapping and -testing by Oerlikon Geartec, Zurich, Switzerland.


Acquisition of grinding technology by take over of Dr.-Ing. Wiener GmbH.


The Klingelnberg trademark during the course of its history. The trademarks of the Berg scythe business, the forerunner of the Remscheid tool industry, go back to the year 1600. They were held in high regard as an old family possession. Upon the proprietor‘s death, the eldest son inherited. In 1678 the Remscheid traders attained approval for the forge to provide a third of the goods manufactured by it with the traders‘ trademark.


First subsidiaries abroad.


The first hobbing machine built in the Hückeswagen factory, model FK 150, year of manufacture 1923. Particularly remarkable on this model was the ability to adjust the cutting head to different angles of taper. The cutter used had an angle of taper of 40°.


Production of machines for gear manufacture with the Palloid-System. The history of Klingelnberg gearing is rich in renunciations, trouble and set-backs. When Klingelnberg picked up this problem, those involved had no idea how much patience and tenacity, how much knowledge and skill, and not least, how much conviction to fight were required to perfect Schicht´s invention.


Transfer of tool production to Hückeswagen. The small old town of Hückeswagen in the Bergisch region with its castle and Pauluskirche.


Start of the production of tools and machine knives in Remscheid.


At the age of 19, Gustav Adolf Klingelnberg (1900) began his work in the company, 1902 he became an associate.


After the death of her husband Julius on March, 17, 1897 and, for weeks later, of her son, the destiny of the the company was in the hands of Hulda Klingelnberg.


Fonder of the company W. Ferd. Klingelnberg, Söhne (Ernst and Julius Klingelnberg)


The Klingelnberg company was founded 1863 in a typical Berg slate house. Belonging to the house was a second building located a little behind it, with similar road-facing slated facade, and constructed of white-washed framework. It was the type of building used by many small Remscheid businesses for their modest production and store-rooms. The house was located at Birgerkamp in Remscheid.

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